Monday, March 26, 2007

Blog Tag - 7 Top Songs

So, I was reviewing some of the posts my friends made via Twitter (micro-blog where people send "what I'm doing now" messages) on Sunday night, and come across one made by my friend, Chris Penn. Chris, likely one of the most intelligent people in all of podcasting, tagged me for blog tag. In this case, pick 7 songs that you like. Since the original poster is 7 year old Aidan Hatch, I figured I'd keep that in mind. Also, following Chris' lead, I'll choose 7 podsafe songs from a wide range of generes. I have a feeling this is going to be harder than it looks, and I KNOW I'll leave some out.
  1. "Restless for the Sun" - Jimmie Bratcher (An ABSOLUTELY beautiful song from one of my favorite blues artists)
  2. "Better Life" - Common Ground (A great band from Texas with a 70s rock feel)
  3. "Lonely Boy" - Black Lab (AWESOME alt rock band with deep, poignant lyrics about love lost)
  4. "Goodbye Southern Skies" - David McMillin (One of the finest male singer songwriter voices I've heard in a while.)
  5. "Shine" - Kevin Reeves (Another incredible voice, but with bit more edge and rock. Here, Kevin pleads to find his place to "shine" in the world. This, and his album It's About Time are one of my favorites)
  6. "Not For Me" - Laura Clapp (Another beautiful, raw song that leaves you craving for more at the end. Close you eyes and just let this one soak into your soul. Plus, it's Laura's Birthday today!)
  7. "Drive Away" - Matthew Ebel - (I CAN NOT leave Matthew out of this list. Matthew is likely my favorite podsafe artist. This fun, "driving with the top down" track is one of the most played in podcasting).
Others I had to leave off this list of 7, but deserve mentions include Karmyn Tyler (7 isn't enough!), Geoff Smith, Jeremy Rowe, Uncle Seth, Take 6, Tenth Hour Calling, Now is Now, New Leaf, and others. Man, so many great songs, artists, and bands. . . I can't decide! Those that doubt the quality of independent music need to take a serious second look. There certainly is a mountain of mediocre stuff out there, but a ton of great music too.

People in this chain of blog tag: Aidan Hatch, Chris Brogan, Chris Penn. Rules: Include these as well as a link to this post when you tag the next people.

People I tag: Lynette Young, Karmyn Tyler, Steve Webb, Michael W. Moss, and new daddy-to -be Jay Moonah


Jay said...

Good calls Ed (McMillin & Ebel in particular) but Jeff Pulver already beat you to tagging me:

Ed said...

Doh! Don't know how I missed that (Checking Google Reader)