Thursday, May 24, 2007

Advertising needs to change

I just found out about this video from Paul Colligan's blog and simply HAD to share it. It deals with how advertising MUST change to continue to be relevant to their customers. I still can't believe it's from Microsoft, but it's great to see that they GET IT.

I've been talking about how valuable a personal recommendation is in advertising, especially when putting into the perspective of podcasting. Let's face it, would you be more willing to respond to a highly produced advertisement for a product, or the personal recommendation of the product from someone who's opinion you respect? The later of course... and hence, the incredible value that companies wanting to advertise in podcasting have. Social networking is the fabric of the culture today, and tapping into these relationships are were the real value is to advertisers.

I have had offers for advertising in my podcast, but for products I have no prior knowledge of, not to mention their relevancy to my listeners. I will not allow adversting in my podcasts that is not relevant or I can not personally recommend or have a passion about. It's not only unfair to my listeners, but to the company paying me to advertise.

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